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About Us

South-East Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services is a non-profit, charitable agency that serves and advocates on behalf of the Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing community in south-eastern New Brunswick, Canada.

South-East Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Inc. was formed in 1985 to create awareness and understanding of the difficulties associated with hearing loss.

Originally called the Moncton Hearing Impaired Council Inc., the agency's services and programs have never been limited to the Deaf community of Greater Moncton. All of south-eastern New Brunswick's Deaf and hard of hearing, close to 600 people, utilize the agency's services. The agency?s services are also offered to clients in the north-eastern portion of the province and we act as consultants in other areas of the province.

The agency is managed by an Executive Director under the guidance of a Board of Directors with representatives from the local industry, community and deaf groups.

The goal of South-East Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Inc. is to empower clients to live independently and productively, with full access to opportunities that are readily available to persons who hear.

In order to accomplish this goal, our vision is to foster self-sufficiency through transitional services bridging the gap between those who hear and the Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing.


  • Executive Director: Lynn LeBlanc - email: sjdhhs@nb.sympatico.ca
  • Director of Services: Stephanie Sparks - email: services@south-eastdeaf.com
  • Administrative Support Associate: email: seds@south-eastdeaf.com
  • Community Interpreters: Ginnie Black, COI
  • Community Support: Leanne Gallant email: community@south-eastdeaf.com
  • Board of Directors

  • Irv MacDonald, President
  • Teena Fisher, Vice President
  • Andrew Brown, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Board Members

  • Desiree Beaulieu
  • Doris Johnson
  • Harry Purney
  • Donna Cote
  • Sheree Slade
  • Rod Lekas

  • United Way -- Centraide - We've been a member agency of United Way since 1988. Funding is directed to programs including technical aids and interpreting (ASL / LSQ / Oral). We are grateful for this support, without which we could not possibly offer these programs.

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