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South-East Deaf and Hard of Hearing will do an evaluation to find out what piece or pieces of equipment will be best for the client. All products come with a one-year warranty against manufacturer's defect. Products are usually delivered within 3 - 10 business days. Our agency accepts Mastercard, cash, money order if outside of tri-community area, or cheque if they live in Moncton, Riverview or Dieppe.

If you would like to schedule a needs evaluation or want to discuss any of these products please contact our agency. You can also browse the Hall Telecommunications Supply Ltd. website which is where we order most of our equipment.

Voice Amplified Telephones

Voice Amplified Telephones are convenient, the amplifier is built right into the phone. These big button, high contrast phones not only help the person that is hard of hearing, but can also help the person who's voice is not as strong as it once was.

Dialogue JV-35The Dialogue JV-35 has jumbo size buttons with Braille, and even announces the number you are dialing, for positive feedback.

ER Phone (Emergency Response)The ER Phone (Emergency Response) works in tandem with a body worn remote control. When the remote is engaged, it will automatically start dialing your pre-programmed emergency contacts until the phone reaches a live person. (Ending with 911.)

Voice Carry Over (VCO)phoneThe VCO (Voice Carry Over) phone works with the 711 Relay service, and is used by someone who is late deafened. They start by dialing 711, telling the operator they will be "Voicing Over." The operator will place the call. Deafened persons talk as usual into the telephone receiver and the operator will relay what is "spoken" back to them.

It is for persons who can speak but who cannot hear over the phone. It is usually preferable to the TTY for late deafened as they do not need to type their side of the coversation, but can read on the LED display what the other party is saying.

RC 200 (Remote Control)The RC 200 (Remote Control) phone can be voice activated, operated by pillow switch, or by using the puff and sip method. This is the ideal phone for people with limited mobility.

Geemarc Ampli500 Geemarc Ampli500 - The Ampli500 is the perfect blend of features for a remarkable price. It boasts up to 50dB amplification, Caller ID with large LCD display, an optional bed shaker ring signaler (sold separately) and a flashing ring strobe, plus a full speakerphone with up to +15dB (decibel) amplification. Monitoring.

LARGE BUTTON KEYPAD and 11 memory dial buttons make dialing a breeze. Simply program all your important numbers into the phone for one-touch dialing.

The Ampli500 phone provides maximum amplification that's customizable to fit your needs. Standard volume control offers a 30dB gain. When the "AMPLI" button is pressed, the phone provides up to 40dB amplification gain. For additional amplification, the handset boost button provides another 10dB, for a total of up to 50dB gain.


Q-90 TTYThe Q-90 TTY is the newest TTY on the market today. It offers direct connect (eliminating the need for an additional phone) as well as being cell phone compatible. It is very compact (21.59 x 27.94 cm or 8.5 x 11 inches) and pre-programmable. You can even use it in the car with the aid of a cigarette lighter adapter.

You can capture and print your conversations from your computer printer, even after the conversation is finished. There are also accessories for the Q-90 like a Large Visual Display that can be adapted for the Dialogue III TTY. Other accessories include a mini printer and hard and soft carrying cases.


We also carry amplifiers, amplifying headsets and TTY's for phone booths and all Plantronics headset products (call centres, receptionists, or for people who need the use of both hands).

Direct Ear 250 Personal Listening SystemThe Direct Ear 250 Personal Listening System is an infrared transmitter that easily connects into the audio of a VCR, TV or other audio source. You can adjust this for left and right ears.

Pocketalker ProThe Pocketalker Pro is a convenient little battery-powered amplifier, about the same size as a transistor radio. It comes with a headset or binaural earphones. It is perfect for one on one conversations, as in doctor and lawyer appointments, and for listening to television programs.

TV EarsTV Ears will amplify and clarify words that people with mild, moderate, or severe hearing loss would normally miss. The headset is wireless (under the chin) and very comfortable. It is a wireless infrared headset that amplifies TV sound and works in many public places like movie theaters, play houses and places of worship.

Williams Sound Hearing Helper Personal System The Williams Sound Hearing Helper Personal System broadcasts the speaker's voice directly to the ears of the individual listeners, up to a distance of 45.72 metres (150 feet). Ideal for classrooms, meetings and conferences.

HA-40 In-Line AmplifierFor someone who just wants amplification, we carry the HA-40 In-Line Amplifier. It is the strongest amplifier on the market today. Besides making voices up to 100-times louder it can also be adjusted for tone. It helps people differentiate between similar sounding words.

Group Amplifier System

HA-40 In-Line AmplifierThe Group Amplifier System comes with one transmitter, four receivers and wall plaque. It can connect to the existing sound system or can be used with a microphone. This is what you usually find in movie theaters, churches and auditoriums. Extra receivers are available.

Alternative Notification

Sometimes the biggest problem is not hearing on the phone, but hearing the phone ring. We can help. There are a few ways to go.

SR200 (Super Ringer)  SR100 (Super Ringer) The SR100/200 (Super Ringer) can be adjusted for volume as well as pitch for single or multi room notification.

CA 100 (Call Alert)  CA 200 (Call Alert) The CA 100/200 (Call Alert) for single or multi room notification. These two units flash a lamp to indicate the phone is ringing.

Perhaps you want to be notified when someone is at the door, as well as, when the phone is ringing. We can help here too.

Ameriphone 100 The Ameriphone 100 will alert the user to the telephone as well as the doorbell. It even comes with a doorbell. Plug a lamp into the box and plug the box into a socket, and "Voila," you're in business. It operates on normal household current.

AL10 Al12 AL10/AL12 - The ALERTMASTER monitors and provides remote visual alerts to the door bell, telephone calls, emergency monitors and the sounds of babies from anywhere in your home.The ALERTMASTER Alarm Clock (with snooze) has the option to flash a lamp oractivates a strong Bed Shaker / Vibrator.

There are accessories available for this unit such as a baby monitor, a vibrating pager, a tactile pager, a second doorbell, and a Remote Unit that will extend the range of the AM6000, for multi-level homes. This is an invaluable product for everyone, especially for the Deaf or hard of hearing.

Baby Sound Monitor Clarity/Ameriphone AMBX AlertMaster Baby Sound Monitor - used in combination with the use of the AL10/AL12 AlertMaster Notification System. The AlertMaster Baby Sound Monitor alerts user to a child's crying.

Wake Assure Alarm ClockThe Wake Assure alarm clock has an extra loud buzzer and bed shaker. It can also flash a connected lamp. The display is easy to read with large numbers.

Wake Assure Alarm Clock The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock is armed with a 12 Volt bed shaker, an incredibly loud 113db tone (volume adjustable), flashing alert lights, and High/Low dimmer switch for better night vision. Battery backup is included to maintain time and alarm settings during power outages.

SBP100IL SBP100BIL - The Sonic Shaker Portable Travel alarm clock shakes you awake with its powerful bed shaker and extra loud pulsating alarm.

DB100 DB100 - The all new, state-of-the-art, DB100 is the only doorbell and intercom signaler that require no wires and can be installed in seconds. Unlike competing models, the DB100 is not triggered by sound; so annoying false alarms are a thing of the past. The Doorbell button 2.5" x 3.75" x 1"; Transmitter 3" x 5.25" x 1"

Please Note: Sonic Alert Doorbells can be installed in a home with or without an existing doorbell system and comes with a doorbell button for home without a doorbell system.

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United Way -- Centraide - We've been a member agency of United Way since 1988. Funding is directed to programs including technical aids and interpreting (ASL / LSQ / Oral). We are grateful for this support, without which we could not possibly offer these programs.

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