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Programs & Services

Having adopted a multifaceted approach to human services, we combine direct and indirect services to help our clients live more effectively and to prevent the problems most frequently faced by Deaf and hard of hearing individuals. Our activities make up a comprehensive community program that has four distinct facets.

We also act as a consultant in other areas of New Brunswick. To find out more about these programs or services, or to register, please contact our agency.

Direct Client Services

Direct Client Services focus on life skills. Mainly offered to the clients through a monthly Community Workshop where a variety of topics are addressed with the emphasis on prevention, awareness, and education. The programs assist our clients in developing a wider range of competencies.

Other programs include:

Parenting Program

Develops positive parenting skills. Classes are taught in ASL, by a Deaf individual who has prior training and experience in parenting. This program is offered in several stages from birth to adolescence.

Baby and Toddler Sign Language Classes

Baby Sign is offered to hearing and deaf babies ages 1 day to 1 year old and to their hearing or deaf mothers. The course is offered 3 times a year, for 6 weeks, 1 day a week and is taught by a Deaf mother. Toddler Sign is offered to deaf or hearing children ages 1 to 2 years and to their deaf or hearing mothers for the same duration and availability as Baby Sign.

Financial/Budgeting Program

Provides information for persons on limited fixed income. Topics include meal-planning, priority setting, etc. There are three stages to this program.

Sign Language/Oral Interpreter services

Using qualified Sign Language interpreters this service is necessary for medical, legal, social services, counselling, education and employment situations. Deaf persons who communicate using ASL have the legal right as determined by the Supreme Court of Canada to qualified interpreters in all levels of the justice system as well as all medical services provided by the provincial/federal government programs (Medicare). Offered in ASL and LSQ.

Indirect Client Services

Indirect Client Services involve client advocacy (intervening) actively for an individual or group. Although advocacy does not empower people, it is a valuable step toward empowerment. Our goal is to work with Deaf and hard of hearing in order to provide support so they can effectively promote their own interests. Actively engaging clients with the intention of teaching self-promotion is an important aspect of advocacy.

Direct Community Programs

Direct Community Programs are designed to bring about greater awareness of deafness and hearing loss, as well as to provide practical communication skills. These programs include:

Sociology of Deafness

This program is designed to provide information on the differences between the Deaf and persons who hear and communicate orally/aurally, and the effects of hearing loss on communication as applied to work, learning and social skills.


This is a self sustaining program offered by SEDHHS in partnership with Dr. Brian Alexander (Alexander Hearing Center). The BTE (Behind the Ear) portion of the hearing aid can be provided at no charge to persons who meet the criteria (no insurance coverage for hearing aids and no ready cash with which to purchase new hearing aids). The BTEs are donated to our agency and refitted to suit the individual’s prescription. There is an application process for this program.

Sign Language Instruction

Using A Basic Course in Sign Language (ABC?s of Sign Language), the course teaches American Sign Language (general interest course). This course is offered in four levels and is taught by Deaf persons who are certified instructors of ASL. Each level is offered one evening per week (three hours) for 10 weeks. A certificate of attendance is provided on completion of each level. All four levels of the Sign Language courses are usually a pre-requisite to entering the Interpreter Training Program.

Baby and Toddler Sign - see Direct Client Services section

Indirect Community Services

Are attempts to change the social environment for the purpose of meeting the needs of the population as a whole and are carried out by means of influencing social policy. Community intervention deals with the Deaf or hard of hearing victims of poverty, sexism, ageism, and racism, who are typically left feeling powerless. The emphasis is on influencing policy makers and bringing about positive changes within the community/province.

Programs and services can be adapted to serve, appropriately, the clients needs. It is possible, in given circumstances, to adjust the content of a program to address a specific need for a particular client. We work in co-operation with other agencies and organizations as well as professionals in private practise who donate their time to our life skills programs. We are most grateful for their generosity in sharing their knowledge and experience.

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United Way -- Centraide - We've been a member agency of United Way since 1988. Funding is directed to programs including technical aids and interpreting (ASL / LSQ / Oral). We are grateful for this support, without which we could not possibly offer these programs.

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